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TS2 Asylum Request

I did this about two years ago for a request, it is available for download as I have it on either my 4Shared or Box Accounts, I just need to remember what I called it. You can download the lot here - .

Be careful it is chock full of Cc and requires all EPs, SPs since my Ts2 is via digital download so Anygame Starter won’t work for me. Install using Sims 2 CleanPack Installer

Senior Year: Tar Rosswell

Partying and graduation were on Tara’s mind the final 3 months of Academie La Tour. She partied in her underwear downtown, took a dare to streak across campus, and finally graduation- and her boyfriend showed up for the graduation party (yes she likes geeky blond guys in glasses)

Picture of Edward Devere and his sister Frances.. also me Sim actually cooks like I do wack the plates against the table, dump the ingredients on the floor, send the omlet flying and still come up with something edible

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Someone hate me…

Someone accuse me about copyright infringement on EA at mediafire,

And they also reported my google blogger in violation of Blogger’s Terms Of Service, so my blogger has been locked now (〒﹏〒)

all of my cc are all made by me, not by EA, I don’t understand why they are infringes copyrights.

Why I can’t creating cc for the sims? 

Is it illegal to create cc now?

I’m so sad, maybe it’s mean I have to stopping creating any cc and leave the sims now…

I’m already Request Unlock Review on google blogger, but I don’t know when my blog will been unlocked…


@@..為什麼!?!?  完全不能理解侵權在哪部分??

我也不懂= =”


先是mediafire被檢舉侵權 今天blogger又被鎖住 完全傻眼>_<

不合理呀~ 除非你有什麼東西名稱是使用EA的?

不然TSR上面全是CC作者的作品~ 不就被告死




對呀…而且我甚至沒有收到任何blogger的來信 就直接被鎖了= =

完全沒有讓人反駁的時間就直接關閉我的blog 真的很傻眼

EA  paralegal my ass- this person is probably some sort of Spammer, and if it is EA .. I hope they know that this sort of shit will lose them any hope of the creative community continuing to support Sims 4 by buying expansions and stuff packs.. Cause you know they are total hypocrites.. “We support the Sims CC community -” if you only upload to the Suxchange or the Gallery that is .. otherwise we will contact FSF sites like Mediafire and make them take your CC down..

Little Midcentury- Sims 4

Here is my first Sims 4 lot for everyone. It is called Little Midcentury and is based off of a real houseplan. Install by extracting files to My Documents/Electronic Arts/Sims 4/ Tray. It is an open floor plan with one bathroom, the lot cost is 18, 133 Simoleons.. if it doesn’t work just send me an ask and I will try to fix it or upload the lot to my gallery and post a link







Here is what I wish for.. a mod to remove that stupid grid gahhh

Download here

No CC required base game only. I will be remaking this exact lot for both Sims 2, and Sims 3 just give it a few days my work is headed into the busy season